Romney Camp Hopes To Avoid Fight On Convention Floor

"It's going well," says Kaufman.

A top aide to Governor Mitt Romney said he was optimistic — but not entirely sure — his campaign had averted a floor flight at the Republican National Convention today over an attempt to centralize party power.

One key advocate, Indiana Republican National Committee member Jim Bopp, signed on last night to a proposed compromise that would scale back the control Romney's allies had sought in being able to change party rules without a vote of the full party committee, a more conservative and grassroots group than its leadership.

"It's an evolving process and its going well," Romney aide Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC insider, told BuzzFeed Tuesday morning.

"There's a lays a little group that enjoys to fight for fight sake, God bless 'em," he said, but said Bopp — "a good friend and good ally" who has led the fight against campaign finance regulation — was not part of that group.

"Everyone wants the same thing," he said.

Romney's goal, he said, was merely to allow the party more flexibility in changing its rules in responding the changing political circumstances, something Democrats can do now and which, he said, "gives them a political advantage."

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