Right Launches Giant Campaign Against Media

Bozell promises $5 million, "largest conservative social media campaign ever. "Don't believe the liberal media."

A conservative media watchdog says it's launching a $5 million assault on the mainstream media today to beat back "an onslaught of character assassination against anyone who dares to challenge Obama."

Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell says in the video above that his campaign, conducted on bumper stickers, billboards, traditional and online advertising, will tell Americans, "Don't believe the liberal media."

He said the campaign is in the spirit of Newt Gingrich's attacks on debate moderators.

In South Carolina, "one fo the candidates finally confronted the media on their blatant bias, and Americans stood up and cheered," he says.

Bozell says the group has banked $3 million toward a $5 million goal of launching, among other things, "the largest social media effort ever undertaken by conservatives."

Political attacks on the media are nothing new, but the scale of Bozell's campaign could make it something to watch.