One Romney Supporter's Rant

"What's wrong with the nutjobs?" For Mitt's allies, it's just not fair.

A rank and file Republican who supports Mitt Romney — these people exist! — sent BuzzFeed the following email:

Date: Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Subject: a stacked deck
To: Ben Smith

against Mitt.  What's wrong with the nutjobs on the right?  The loons at NRO were gushing for Mitt in 2008, and now he is persona non-grata all b/c he lost friggin Colorado.   Our best shot to beat O is clearly Mitt, journalists know this, O knows this, and pols know this.  Santorum is animated by one issue - stopping women from having abortions - do these idiots at NRO not know that is not a winning issue in a national election?  I don't see how Mitt escapes from the pincer between the nuts on the right and the journos/dems on the left.  He should just break to to the left this afternoon and tell these nuts f u, get an effing job for a living.