Newtstalgia: The 12 Things We'll Miss Most About Newt Gingrich

He failed to win a single state in his native South tonight, and has no road forward. Frankly, we're going to miss him.

1. Moon Colony

2. Cute Animals

3. Newt Judges You

4. Debate Moderators

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Gingrich thrived when he was being asked tough questions; he wilted when moderators started ignoring him. In South Carolina, he won the debate in the first five minutes with his outraged response to a damaging interview with his ex-wife, Zeke Miller wrote at the time.

5. Child Labor


7. Lincoln-Douglas Debates

8. Food Stamp President

9. Kenyan Anti-Colonialist Behavior

10. Newt's Favorite Words

11. Brad Pitt

12. Ellis the Elephant

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