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Katherine Miller on fundraising in 2015. With apologies to the DCCC, NRCC, et al.

Name -- A puppy is falling from the sky. Unless we put enough cash in a big pile to break its fall before the quarterly fundraising deadlin

Name -- When did you first realize the weight of your own mistakes?

Name-- The FEC deadline is here...can you keep a secret? Hillary split her soul into 7 PIECES & hid them in whimsically named coffee shops

Name-- Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful? If we let Paul Ryan SLASH Social Security will there even be a futu

Name-- Do you know where your kids are? Are you sure? The faster you help us meet this fundraising deadline, the faster you'll be able to

NAME-- You know the pulsing feeling of anxiety, that unease things aren't going well -- they're unresolved -- you've failed? Tonight's FEC

NAME-- Are you up? Hey. So, like, I know things haven't been great lately. I know that. But if you can help us meet this FEC deadline,

NAME-- Know you've heard from us a lot today! Wanted to pass along this message: We have your SSN. And, NAME, if we don't meet our quarte

Subject: ACCEPT DEFEAT Look, [NAME], remember Franz Kafka's The Trial? We're in the 17th inning and time no longer has meaning.

Name -- Who doesn't like Adele? The GOP! They've taken her hostage, and unless we meet this FEC deadline we won't be able to pay the ranso

Name -- Remember that awful Folgers ad with the brother and the sister? If the GOP wins back the White House, they'll replay it EVERY DAY,

Name -- I'll tell you a secret: Hillary Clinton is behind the Cleveland Browns' misfortune. Unless we outraise her, she'll take this agend

Name, You know that ball they drop in NY? Nancy Pelosi's filled it with demons. Unless we break its fall with cash,

NAME-- Good news: The dog had ham on its face. But remember how you felt? With this latest FEC deadline we are like that dog, asking for

NAME-- We both know you're home, alone. And even if you're not home per se, you're alone. We all are. Be a part of something. Donate befo

NAME, I need you tonight. Not like that! That would be an FEC violation. LOL! But I do need the support of friends like you before this d

NAME-- Can one human trust another? Guess I'll find out when I check our fundraising receipts at 12:01 a.m. Sent from my iPhone

NAME-- Have you read The Death of Ivan Ilyich? Don't! I did and now I fear a life of regret. Regret like not doing all I can for this camp

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