Julian Assange Asks Islamic Militant Why He Won't Fight "The Totalitarian Concept Of A Monotheistic God"

Welcome to the alternate universe in which the Wikileaks founder plays an atheist Mike Wallace interviewing Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based militant group whose name translates as "The Party of God." Assange now has a show on the Kremlin-owned cable channel RT.


"You have fought against the hegemony of the United States. Isn't' Allah, or the notion of a God, the ultimate superpower, and shouldn't you as a freedom fighter also seek to liberate people from the totalitarian concept of a monotheistic God?" Assange asks at the close of the interview.

Nasrallah replied that "the issue of resisting American hegemony" was in fact a religious one because morals come from God, and "in this sense moral and human principles are consistent with the law of the heavens."

The Hezbollah leader also defending targeting Israeli civilians with rockets, saying it was defense against Israeli targeting Lebanese civlians.