George P. Bush Launches Political Career Accompanied By Beyoncé

The soundtrack to his announcement video sounds an awful lot like "Halo."

George P. Bush kicked off his political career Tuesday evening with a video announcing his candidacy for Texas Land Commissioner, praising his home state, touting the need for more domestic drilling — and doing it all against a soundtrack that closely resembles Beyoncé's hit pop ballad, "Halo."

The son of former Florida governor, Bush has long been expected to join the family political dynasty with a run for public office. It's unclear, however, whether Beyoncé, an ardent supporter of President Barack Obama and a Houston native, supports Bush's campaign.

BuzzFeed asked a spokesperson for the singer whether she supported Bush using her song in his ad, but did not receive an immediate response.

Here's Bush's announcement video

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And here's Beyoncé's song

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