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Telephone eavesdropping and video surveillance did take place at Trump properties, but they were conducted by his team. A look at how often Uber’s self-driving cars need ~human~ help. And for the first time ever, four consecutive episodes of SNL are going to air live in every US time zone.


President Trump’s $1.1 trillion budget proposal would drastically increase military spending but slash funding for museums, public broadcasting, and libraries.

The plan includes an increase in military and border security spending and leaves entitlement programs like Social Security untouched, according to the New York Times.

The budget proposal also includes big cuts to foreign aid, poverty programs, and the environment. And billions in proposed cuts to the Department of Agriculture would slash or eliminate several key food and nutrition services, and potentially jeopardize food safety. Get the full budget proposal rundown here.

And a little extra

Trump and surveillance. Telephone eavesdropping and video surveillance have long taken place at Trump properties — it’s just that they were conducted by Trump’s own team. At his private club at Mar-a Lago, as BuzzFeed News revealed last June, Trump listened in on employee phone calls.

Meanwhile, there’s no proof of former president Barack Obama wiretapping Trump, according to leaders of the Senate intelligence committee. Trump alleged on Twitter — without any evidence — that Obama tapped his phones. And here’s why it’s a big deal for GCHQ — the UK’s signal intelligence agency — to publicly deny the White House’s “wiretapping” claims.

Trump supporters say they’re boycotting Hawaii after one of its judges blocked the travel ban — cue Twitter trolling. And under Trump, undocumented immigrants suffering from domestic violence are worried they’ll get deported if they seek help.


Internal metrics show how often Uber’s self-driving cars need human help.

Human drivers take manual control of autonomous vehicles during testing for a number of reasons — for example, to address a technical issue or avoid a traffic violation or collision. The self-driving car industry refers to such events as “disengagements,” though Uber uses the term “intervention” in the performance report reviewed by BuzzFeed News.

The report reveals for the first time how Uber’s self-driving car program is performing, using a key metric for evaluating progress toward fully autonomous vehicles.



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