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BuzzFeed News spent two months mapping Trump’s personal and business connections and found more than 1,500 in all. Eight billionaires — all men — together own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 3.7 billion people, a new report has revealed. And Facebook is expanding its initiative to fight fake news in Germany.

Help us map TrumpWorld.

No American president has taken office with a giant network of businesses, investments, and corporate connections like that amassed by Donald Trump. So we spent two months mapping his personal and business connections.

The result: TrumpWorld. It compiles public records, news reports, and other sources on the Trump family, his Cabinet picks, and top advisers — more than 1,500 people and organizations altogether.

We need you.

Trump’s web is so sprawling there are surely things we missed. Now we need your help to add them. Please send tips and information to trump@buzzfeed.com. (If you’d like to send your tip securely and anonymously, see these instructions.)

You can view TrumpWorld below or click here to view it in Google Sheets, where you can search and download the data.

Some more Trump reading: Here’s a list of who’s performing at the inauguration. People can’t believe Trump is fighting with civil rights leader John Lewis. And the president-elect praised Brexit and predicted more countries will leave the European Union. (The wide-ranging interview was published jointly by the UK’s Sunday Times and Germany’s Bild.)


How to use Facebook and fake news to get people to murder each other.

In South Sudan, a country where the vast majority of people lack internet access, fake news and online hate speech have helped push the country toward genocide amid a three-year civil war, according to independent researchers and the United Nations.

And a little extra.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing an onslaught of negative and misleading stories from right-wing media and fringe websites. Many of these sites mix legitimate partisan political content with false and conspiratorial information, especially about refugees and Islam​.​

A Syrian refugee in Germany who took a viral selfie with Merkel is suing Facebook after being accused of terrorism in posts on the network. Facing pressure from lawmakers and a pending court hearing over the spread of fake news in Germany, Facebook on Sunday announced an initiative to fight fake news in the country.


Dylann Roof is an American problem.

The Charleston church shooter needs his sense of control, just as America needs to believe the death penalty provides a form of absolution.

How do Americans feel about the death penalty in 2017? In 2016, the Pew Research Center found that opposition to the death penalty is now the highest it’s been since the early 1970s. In cases where there is a murder conviction, black people are more opposed to the death penalty than any other group: 63%, as opposed to 35% of white people.

In the same survey, only 29% of black people favor it (the lowest of all the surveyed groups), contrasted with 57% of white people. There is no doubt that this particular punishment has not been wielded fairly over the last few centuries.


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