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First lady Michelle Obama brought down the house on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. At least 19 people died in a knife attack at a facility for people with disabilities near Tokyo, Japan. And three Qaddafi henchmen who are wanted for embezzling millions from Libya have been found living in Britain.


DNC day 1: Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton “must become the next president.”

Sanders supporters were the most vocal and visible force at the convention. They protested in the streets, where more than 50 people were issued disorderly conduct citations. Inside, they drowned out speakers with “Bernie!” chants. But when Sanders took the stage he told his fans to support his former rival: “Hillary Clinton must become the next US president. The choice is not even close.”

Michelle Obama delivered the night’s most rousing speech, backing Clinton for her own history-making presidential run in a powerful address that tied the country’s first black presidency to the potential legacy of a woman as its leader.

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”When they go low, we go high,” Michelle Obama said yesterday at the DNC.

The FBI is investigating the supposed Russia-led intrusion into the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers.

It’s the latest development in a bizarre story that shook the DNC on the eve of its historic convention in Philadelphia, sending its leader packing and reigniting furor over the party’s nomination process, BuzzFeed News’ Ali Watkins writes.

Last Friday, Wikileaks dumped a trove of almost 20,000 DNC emails on its website. Republicans, including just-minted Republican nominee Donald Trump, said the documents revealed corruption in the DNC. The Clinton campaign said the timing of the release was an attempt by Russia to meddle with American politics.

And a little extra: Actor Susan Sarandon — a Sanders supporter — is not feeling the convention. Sanders is “outraged” by the leaked emails that show DNC staffers criticizing him. And what if the DNC leak is only the beginning?


Three Qaddafi henchmen who are wanted for embezzling millions from Libya have been found living in Britain.

The three men are on a target list of former regime figures wanted by Libyan prosecutors for allegedly fleeing the country with stolen state assets after Qaddafi’s fall, BuzzFeed News’ Jane Bradley and Richard Holmes report.

Documents show that the new Libyan government requested help from the British authorities in tracing the stolen assets in 2012 but investigators claim the UK failed to provide any assistance.

General Ahmed Mahmoud Azwai was in charge of maintaining Qaddafi’s long-range missile stockpile and is accused of leading loyalist forces in their crackdown on the people of Misrata (a city in northwestern Libya). He’s accused of laundering millions through the UK via offshore property firms.

Brigadier Guima Elmaarfi commanded a brigade also accused of brutal crackdowns on the people of Misrata and is suspected of escaping Libya with a fortune of at least $14 million. BuzzFeed News has been banned from naming the third member of the Qaddafi regime found hiding in Britain, after he obtained a gagging order from the High Court on Monday.

BuzzFeed News spoke to Elmaarfi about the allegations. And here’s what happened when our reporter knocked on Azwai’s door.

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Quick things to know:

  • At least 19 people died and another 20 were injured in a knife attack at a facility for people with disabilities near Tokyo, Japan. It’s the country’s worst mass killing since World War II. (BuzzFeed News)

  • Donald Trump is doing an AMA with Reddit. Here’s how that came about — apparently all you have to do is ask, preferably via a short, bulleted memo. (BuzzFeed News)

  • Disturbing footage of a 14-year-old Aboriginal boy enduring horrific treatment in a juvenile detention center in the Northern Territory, Australia,is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to human rights abuses in the justice system there. (BuzzFeed News)

  • This is why the Black Lives Matter movement is happening in Britain too. (BuzzFeed News) And here’s what the movement looks like in Australia. (BuzzFeed News)

  • The Solar Impulse 2 has completed the first round-the-world solar-powered flight after landing in Abu Dhabi. (The Guardian)

  • Verizon is buying Yahoo’s core business for about $5 billion, ending the web pioneer’s run as an independent company. (BuzzFeed News)

  • Nearly double the number of out LGBT athletes will be competing in Rio as compared with the London 2012 Olympics. Meet some of the badass queer women heading to this year’s games. (BuzzFeed)

  • Here are the biggest winners at 2016 Comic-Con: Wonder Woman, Rihanna, and a request — once more — to hold the door. (BuzzFeed)

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Benedict Cumberbatch, the star the next film on Marvel Studios’ slate, Doctor Strange, enjoyed a rock star entrance.

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