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Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week?

Violent storms killed dozens of people across seven U.S. states, Iraqi forces said they liberated a key city from ISIS, and China officially ended its one-child policy. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

Posted on January 1, 2016, at 4:43 p.m. ET

  1. December Storms

    Kate Munsch / Reuters

    It’s been a wild winter in the U.S. Storms across seven states have killed dozens of people over the past week and a half. What phenomenon has helped power much of the recent strange weather?


    It’s El Niño.

    Climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State University told BuzzFeed News that an added punch to a warm, wet winter overall in North America has come from global warming increasing ocean temperatures in combination with a strong El Niño, which is the bloom of heated water stretching across the Pacific Ocean.

  2. 2. Ebola-Free

    Cellou Binani / AFP / Getty Images

    Which West African country was declared Ebola-free this week for the first time in two years?


    It's Guinea.

    Guinea is free of the Ebola virus for the first time since December 2013. The country will now enter a 90-day period of heightened surveillance, during which the virus could re-emerge, the World Health Organization said.

    Via Getty Images
  3. 3. Tamir Rice

    Tony Dejak / AP

    On Monday, a grand jury declined to charge two Cleveland police officers in the 2014 shooting death of Tamir Rice. How old was Rice when he died?


    He was 12.

    Rice was shot and killed in a public park in November 2014 after two Cleveland police officers, Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, mistook his toy gun for a real weapon.

    Via AP
  4. 4. Retaking Ramadi

    Ahmad Al-rubaye / AFP / Getty Images

    Iraqi forces said they "fully liberated" the city of Ramadi from ISIS this week. Ramadi is the capital of which Iraqi province?


    It's the Anbar province.

    The long-awaited battle to retake Anbar's capital has raged on for weeks. Ramadi fell to ISIS in May in an embarrassing defeat for the Iraqi military. ISIS still controls much of northern and western Iraq, as well as vast swaths of neighboring Syria.

  5. 5. A Heavy Metal Icon

    Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

    Heavy metal icon Lemmy Kilmister died on Sunday after a short battle with cancer. Lemmy was a founding member and frontman of which band?


    It's Motörhead.

    Lemmy was the band's lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter. Motörhead is perhaps best known for its 1980 song “Ace of Spades." Lemmy is also famously known for writing the hits “R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” for the Ramones and “Mama I’m Coming Home” for Ozzy Osbourne.

  6. 6. Bill Cosby

    Via Facebook: 96910904678

    On Wednesday, a district attorney in Pennsylvania charged Bill Cosby with felony assault in a 2004 case. About how many women have accused the comedian of sexual assault?


    It's more than 40 women.

    Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by more than 40 women. Allegations against the comedian date back to 2005, but this is is the first time criminal charges have been brought against him.

  7. 7. China's One-Child Policy

    Johannes Eisele / AFP / Getty Images

    Chinese families are now allowed to have more than one child after lawmakers passed a historic decision Sunday to alter the country’s controversial one-child policy. How many children can they have?


    It's two.

    “The state advocates that one couple shall be allowed to have two children,” the newly revised Law on Population and Family Planning stated. The policy went into effect Friday.

  8. 8. U.S. Presidential Race

    Associated Press

    George Pataki dropped out of the U.S. Republican presidential race this week. He used to be the governor of which state?


    It's New York.

    Pataki didn’t gain much traction in polls and never qualified for a prime-time Republican debate. "His withdrawal from the race leaves 12 Republican candidates still in the field as the battle heads toward its first contest, the Iowa caucuses, which are just a month away," the New York Times reports.

  9. 9. Star Wars' Box Office Domination

    David James / Lucasfilm

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is setting box office records. How much did it gross in North America in just 10 days?


    It’s $544.6 million.

    The seventh film in the Star Wars saga is already the fifth highest grossing film in North America of all time, and coupled with its $546 million grosses internationally, it has earned $1.09 billion worldwide at breakneck speed.

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