Weekend Reads: Muhammad Ali, Leers, And Benching

Our special guest this week is BuzzFeed creative producer Kaye Toal, talking about some of her favorite stories she’s read recently.

God's Men: Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X” by Doreen St. Felix: Easily the most gorgeous of the many excellent pieces of writing circulating about Ali's death. Also, I learned a lotta stuff.

What Does A Lifetime Of Leers Do To Us?” by Jessica Valenti: I found myself nodding along with this piece, adapted from her new book, which — like most of what Valenti writes — is poignant, empathetic, and whip-smart.

Men See Themselves In Brock Turner — That's Why They Don't Condemn Him by Anne Theriault: A sharp perspective on the Brock Turner rape case that is, like Theriault says about the reaction to case itself, "equal parts encouraging and depressing." Encouraging, because the more we talk about this, the more we undermine the myths that perpetuate rape culture; depressing, because rape culture is fucking exhausting.

Benching” Is The New Ghosting” by Jason Chen: I have had this happen to me. Why are we so terrible to each other when we're tryna date!!! Knock it off, human race!!!

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