The United States Just Witnessed A Rare And Awesome Coast-To-Coast Total Solar Eclipse

It was the first total solar eclipse to sweep the US coast to coast in nearly a century — starting in Oregon and coming to an end in South Carolina.

* Tens of millions of Americans from across the country watched an extremely rare sight — a total solar eclipse that ran from coast to coast, Oregon to South Carolina. The last time something like this happened was 1918.

* The moon blocked out the face of the sun during normal daylight hours, causing darkness and doing things like changing weather patterns, startling some animals, and just being very cool and creepy to us humans.

* A 70-mile-wide swath of land was in the "path of totality" — meaning that people there saw the moon fully block out the sun, called the umbra. The rest of the country saw the moon partially block it, called the penumbra.

* President Trump watched from the Truman Balcony. Other people watched from fields and campsites with eclipse glasses or with cereal boxes. Here you can look at people looking at the eclipse.

* Of course, some people said they looked right at the eclipse and hurt their eyes. Smdh. Trump also looked at it but appeared to be fine.

* This is a handy guide to everything you needed to know about the eclipse.

* BuzzFeed News was live from Oregon and Idaho. Check out our feed here and relive this great moment in ~nature~.

First off, here's the moment, in all its glory, as seen in Oregon:

Now, real quick, what the heck just happened?

A lot of people enjoyed the eclipse! A lot of other people had eclipse fails, and looked at it without protective eyewear.

i looked at the sun for like a split second and now my eyes hurt super bad, science was not lyin man

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump have viewed the eclipse on Truman Balcony of the White House

And even though someone told Trump "don't look" — he stared directly at the sun anyway

Someone shouts "don't look" as Pres. Trump looks up without eclipse glasses on as solar eclipse passes over D.C.…

Trump's aides initially said he would watch the total eclipse.

Except only the partial eclipse will be visible from DC...

But that wasn't right and they corrected. Sad!

Updated statement: "The President will be watching the eclipse from the Truman Balcony with the First Lady today"

NASA, of course, went all in. Their Sun and Moon Twitter accounts declared war on each other:

HA HA HA I’ve blocked the Sun! Make way for the Moon. #SolarEclipse2017

uh, EXCUSE me?!? #solareclipse2017

Then NASA unleashed the weather satellite footage:

#Eclipse2017 has made its way across the United States! #GOES16 caught it all from space!

The #solareclipse excitement continues! #GOES16 sees the moon's shadow movin' on! See more images and loops @…

Here is what it looked like from GOES16 over the southeast CONUS during the #Eclipse2017 The cumulus field was comp…

This photographer used multiple exposures to get a unique view of the eclipse progression over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Wow:

And here's literally just 19 photos of people watching the eclipse

BuzzFeed News joined these adventurous scientists who used the eclipse to study the ultra-hot material that surrounds the sun in Idaho.

Some animals freak out during eclipses, poor things:

Overall, it was a great few hours people spent marveling at nature. And now, eclipse traffic!

There's a price to be paid for totality. Missouri post-eclipse traffic.

Reporting by Nicole Nguyen in Oregon; Peter Aldhous in Idaho, Talal Ansari, and Azeen Ghorayshi in New York City; and Zahra Hirji and Dan Vergano in Washington, DC.

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