Watch Live: Trump's Lawyers Make Their Case In His Impeachment Trial

Senators are likely to vote on whether to convict Trump on Saturday, ending the trial.

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  • Former president Donald Trump's lawyers will make their case in his impeachment trial on Friday after a rocky start earlier this week. Though they have up to 16 hours to speak over two days, they are expected to use just a fraction of that and wrap their case Friday afternoon or evening.
  • Trump is accused by the House of inciting the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Democratic impeachment managers spent the last two days laying out their case, including releasing new security footage of how close Trump's supporters came to members of Congress and then–vice president Mike Pence during the riot.
  • The Senate is expected to end the trial on Saturday with a vote on whether to convict Trump. Democrats would need 17 Republican senators to vote with them to convict the former president. Then a majority could vote to prevent him from running for office again.
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