Tell Us If Toxic Male Influencers Like Andrew Tate Have Changed The Boys And Men In Your Life

Tell us about the changes you've witnessed from men in your life who've listened to hypermasculine online content for a possible BuzzFeed News story.

Have you seen any of the boys or men in your life be impacted by the likes of Andrew Tate and toxic male influencers? Are they avid Fresh & Fit podcast fans and beginning to parrot the rhetoric and adopt their ideas about women? Or have you dated a man and found that he was a Kevin Samuels stan?

We're looking to speak with people who have experienced the impact of toxic male influencers in their family, friends, and relationships for a BuzzFeed News feature, and you can talk to us here.

Although Tate has been removed from social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, reposted content and interviews remain easily accessible.

His fanbase continues to champion his message, and he represents just one figure in an entire genre of hypermasculine content creation that is said to be radicalizing young boys.

We want to speak to the people who are witnessing this change in real time. Are you a teacher, ex-girlfriend, father, or other loved one of someone who loves this content and has seen its impact firsthand? Fill out this form, and we may include you in a future BuzzFeed News story.

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