Can You Think Outside Your Bubble — And Compete To Win Cash?

Only 8 correct answers stand between you and CA$H in this new game show. Play LIVE on Facebook Watch @ 10pm ET starting Wednesday, Feb. 20.

What’s up y’all! I’m Brian Tong.

You may remember me from such things as YouTube tech videos, singing in an Apple store, and Crazy Rich Asians. Only one of those is completely untrue.

I’m hosting BuzzFeed News' latest Facebook Watch show Outside Your Bubble, a live trivia show that pushes you to think outside your own comfort zone and rewards you with cash for doing it.

OYB started as a project to spotlight different perspectives on news topics taking place outside their own social media space. Then it expanded into a Facebook group to share and talk about stories that changed how you see the world. Now, here we are, game show style.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, LIVE at 10 p.m. ET/7 PT, you can tune in on Facebook Watch for the chance to win cash if you answer all eight of our questions correctly, along with two in-studio.

Here’s how it works:

Every question asked of our in-studio contestants is asked of the online audience at the same time. If a player in the audience gets a question right, they keep playing. But if you answer a question incorrectly, your game is over — but trust me, you’ll want to keep on watching in case I make silly heart shapes with my hands for you.

If you’ve played HQ Trivia or Confetti, this game is similar, but in addition to interacting at home, you also get to watch a live game show play out on stage.

Any players who survive all 8 questions will get to split the grand prize of $5,000. However, these players stand to win even more if the in-studio players get too greedy in the Burst Your Bubble end game.

… and this is where things get interesting.

The contestants work together and get to know each other as the episode progresses. Shots are fired, but they also find common ground.

At the end of the episode, the two in-studio contestants will be given a very big decision: Do they evenly split the money they earned? Do they try and take the money and run? Or do you take home even more cash?

Are you ready? Be sure to follow the show here to remember when we’re live, and then join me starting February 20 at 10 p.m. ET to debate some of the today’s most highly contested (or incredibly hilarious) matchups.

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