Another Person Wore Blackface At The University Of Oklahoma And Students Say Enough Is Enough

"I don’t understand why people aren’t doing something about this," said senior Ashonte Winston.

With duct-taped mouths and carrying "Enough Is Enough" signs, students at the University of Oklahoma marched through campus Thursday after another blackface incident was captured and posted on social media.

On Wednesday, Ashonte Winston was walking out of her afternoon class when she saw a man walking by with black paint smeared across his face and blasting music, wearing a red cap, sunglasses, and a T-shirt that read: “Tommy Mr. King of Controversy Sotomayor, the Anti-PC tour.”

Shocked, the senior said she followed him and started recording until she said he veered left and into the neighborhood. She again slammed her school for not jumping to action, saying the white man was "casually walking" and that no one stopped him or flagged him to authorities.

"Honestly, I am more disappointed in the people who saw him and didn't stand up or say anything," the 22-year-old told BuzzFeed News Thursday after she shared her video. "This is something that happens on a daily basis and school officials have been too lax in the actions they've been taking. There should be no tolerance for this. It's been a lot."

In her recording, Winston asks him, "Face painted black again? I guess President Gallogly's message did not go through."

The man ignores her and keeps walking as she repeatedly says, "again, again."

Other students captured the man walking through campus, tweeting out his location and sharing their images and videos.

The incident happened just two days after OU President James Gallogly announced that two white sophomores had withdrawn from the university after they posted a blackface video on Snapchat and it went viral. Officials were not able to expel the students, he said, because they had recorded and posted the Snapchat video off-campus.

Outraged, OU students had initially criticized the university for not taking any disciplinary action against the students who made the video, and for issuing a statement saying that the young women had offered to apologize. Black students and organizations were quick to note that they were "not surprised" by the video, referencing a 2015 incident in which frat members were caught on camera singing a racist song on a bus.

School officials issued an alert Wednesday saying campus police were investigating and did not know whether the man in the latest video is a student. Gallogly also addressed the incident, saying it has "reinforced" how critical it is to create a "positive climate."

The university did not respond to BuzzFeed News' request for more information.

The day after she tried to confront the man in blackface and surrounded by about 300 of her peers, Winston on Thursday marched across her university as part of a "Better Together" rally to demand action for racial injustice. Many of the students put duct tape over their mouths with the hashtag, #StillUnheard.

Although Gallogly said he would attend the events protesting racism on campus to support students, Winston said she did not see the university president at the march.

"We’re fighting racism on this campus and the system outside this campus," she said. "I am a first-generational college student, so not only am I fighting that, but I am also fighting so many systems against me and it’s hard to be on a campus and feel like I don’t belong after I fought so hard to get here. We want the same opportunities as everyone else, and our school should protect and support that so we can be successful like everybody else."

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