HQ Fans Are Pissed And Deleting Their Apps After Discovering The Company Is Getting Funding From Peter Thiel

"Well, that was fun while it lasted."

People on the internet heaved a collective, sad sigh this weekend, pulled out their phones, and deleted the HQ Trivia app after finding out it took funding from Peter Thiel, a controversial tech investor and Trump backer.

Fuuuuck @hqtrivia provides a much needed break in the workday but their massive new investment from Peter Thiel is… https://t.co/RItCX0bzWR

As first reported by Recode on Thursday, HQ is reportedly getting $15 million in funding from Founders Fund, Thiel's venture capital firm.

For those of you who don't play religiously twice a day, HQ is a live trivia show app that has amassed a huge cult following. The app launched in August 2017, but has exploded in popularity over the last few months.

At a basketball game but can’t miss #HQTrivia @hqtrivia @ScottRogowsky

More than 1 million people tune in every day to try to win a few dollars.

Just gave birth and still playing HQ! @hqtrivia

@hqtrivia @ScottRogowsky we just won HQ from Cape Town!!! 18 Rand!! @NYUStern #DBiSouthAfrica

Its host, Scott Rogowsky, also has a cult following.

SELFIE! Haaaaaaaaa. Thanks for a fun night @ScottRogowsky @hqtrivia

But when the Recode article hit, some people's hearts just about broke.

Thiel is an awful person who took something important and beloved from the world. #DeleteHQ #gawker HQ Is Raising $… https://t.co/sTJfsq3txT

"That was fun while it lasted," someone said.

Well, that was fun while it lasted. https://t.co/oSHPiHnF5K

"*5 seconds later* we regret to inform you the silly cellphone quiz show is racist."

*5 seconds later* we regret to inform you the silly cellphone quiz show is racist https://t.co/7n09qYD248

People said they had played their last game.

I've been a big fan of HQ Trivia since their launch but I just played my last game. https://t.co/khIO9ZkMoZ

And paid their respects. RIP.

RIP HQ (2017-2018) https://t.co/sTvfsTDCE1

They felt they had been bamboozled and Milkshake Ducked. (If you want to know what that other internet phenomenon is, read here.)

milkshake duck'd again https://t.co/FcvaBgBbRg

While many HQ fans quickly started looking at their once-beloved app with disdain, quite a few people pointed out the hypocrisy in deleting the app, since Founders Fund has also funneled money into companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Lyft, and Facebook.

To all the folks vowing to delete HQ Trivia after learning of its backing from Founders Fund, will you also be dele… https://t.co/Blk2qoJqW7

goddammit peter thiel ruins everything