The UK Election Had Some Really Weird Candidates And People Had Questions


The UK had a snap general election on Thursday, which turned out to be much more of an upset than people expected — especially for Prime Minister Theresa May, who called the election.

She is a definitely having a really, really, really shit night.

Early Friday morning, May took the stage at her constituency count in Maidenhead after her party lost a significant amount of seats.

Theresa May doing her best to stay away from Lord Buckethead on the stage at Maidenhead count.

And people on the internet started to notice something a bit odd.

It appears Theresa May has made an appearance next to a man dressed as Elmo

Like why is Elmo, a Zorro-chimney thing, and a man that looks like Captain Crunch hanging out onstage with May?

The Prime Minister, Lord Buckethead and Elmo, all in a line. God bless this country.

*Double checks you're not watching Sesame Street.*

I don't understand the UK election results. Did the good side win? Is Brexit still? Why Elmo? Looks like everyone just came from the darts.


there's a guy in an Elmo costume who keeps appearing in the background of the uk election coverage

"Starting to hallucinate. Imagining Elmo chilling with May in Maidenhead."

I clearly need to go to sleep now. Starting to hallucinate. Imagining Elmo chilling with May in Maidenhead.…

Turns out, these are candidates.

And they run against the big guys.

I’ll never not love about the fact Britain makes its most powerful politician run against Elmo and a man with a buc…

Meet Lord Buckethead, a dark and mysterious candidate who returned to UK politics after 25 years.

Lord Buckethead has arrived at the Maidenhead count. He's complaining about the state of his Pizza Express. #GE2017

Lord Buckethead, who picked his name from the 1984 film Gremloids, ran for parliament in 1987 and 1992 and told BuzzFeed News that he decided to return because "Britain sorely needs effective opposition."

And here's Howling Laud Hope, the leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, which had several enthusiastic candidates this year.

Howling Laud Hope of the Monster Raving Loony Party is very upbeat about the exit poll #GE2017

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party was founded in 1983 and basically exists to make fun of British politics.

the monster raving looney party, the official party of people who still quote monty python films and only drink real ale, 519 votes

Here's a photo of them from last year. Where can we sign up?

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party has arrived #byelectionsnh

Bobby "Elmo" Smith bills himself as a fathers' rights activist who likes to troll the prime minster. You can learn more about him here.

Bobby Smith is protesting about fathers' rights outside the polling station where Theresa May will vote. Turns out…

So, yes, people in the UK can actually vote for these candidates and the internet had some ~thoughts.~

"Lord Buckethead" and "Elmo" took votes away from the current Prime Minister of the UK

Apparently, British politics is kind of lit.

I am learning so much about British politics tonight

And is the definition of democracy.

What an incredible tradition. Birthplace of our democracy. This is what the Magna Carta was all about.

People pointed out that while UK politics might seem insane, stuff on the other side of the pond is also pretty wild.

Americans, do not mock this picture. We elected Trump.

In summary: Smith "Elmo" actually did get three votes.

elmo got 3 votes in the UK election woo

And Lord Buckethead received 249.

249! A new Buckethead record! Something to celebrate, eh? #GeneralElection17

And the Monster Raving Looney Party scored over 100 votes 👏

Best thing about the UK Election is always the 'Monster Raving Looney Party' candidates

Oh, and then there was Mr. Fishfinger, a rival of the Liberal Democratic Party leader who didn't do too shabby, either, winning 309 votes.

Mr Fishfinger secures 309 votes 🐡 👈 😂 #GE2017

So cheers to the UK, where Lord Buckethead can dab on an election stage with the best of them.


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