Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Responding To Trump's Border Speech Is Everybody's Disappointed Parents

“What did we say about smoking reefer in the backyard, KIMBERLEY!? What did we say?!”

Alex Brandon / AP

Following President Donald Trump's televised speech about the imagined "border crisis" Tuesday, Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer took their own turn, getting behind a single podium to yet again repeat their rebuttals.

Despite the hype and hullaballoo surrounding the prime-time, Oval Office address, both speeches were short, anticlimactic, and generally devoid of news.

BUT fear not, because where politicians failed Tuesday, the internet delivered.

As Pelosi and Schumer addressed the nation, people started pointing out that they looked like parents — in particular, parents who are very disappointed in you and your screwups.

Alex Brandon / AP

Cue a national flashback to all those "we're not mad, just disappointed" discussions you endured after you accidentally got that D in chemistry/rolled home at 1 a.m./thought that bottle in the freezer was just really cold water up for grabs, not vodka, my b.


People immediately began imagining and sharing "Chuck and Nancy as parents" reactions and the memes were spot on.

"we trusted you with Dad's car because we thought you could be responsible with it, but we see now you're not ready"

Like all those times you snuck dad's car out of the garage with the headlights off.

"Of COURSE your father's upset about the car, but the important thing is you're safe and nobody got hurt."

This situation has a lot of layers — but the expressions are on point.

When you accidentally crashed mom’s Subaru into dad’s mistress in a crosswalk and no one knows who they’re mad at

Divorced dad says you can stay up late. Then, mom and her new husband come home... #TrumpAddress #DemocraticResponse #chuck #nancy #chuckandnancy

Tfw your parents find your weed for like the fifth time...

"What did we say, KIMBERLEY? For god's sake, this is the last time!"

“The neighbors called. What did we say about smoking reefer in the backyard? What did we say?!”

Or, for the teens, your Juul...

Or...your flags.

"Your mother and I want to talk about your flag addiction. It's out of control."

People also imagined Chuck and Nancy in other situations, like selling life insurance, or giving evidence of life as hostages.

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They saw them as the creepy twin girls from The Shining, because, let's face it, we basically live there now.

tonight was a waste of time for everyone but especially me since i just spent ten minutes doing this

As the famous 1930s painting, "American Gothic," by Grant Wood.


All jokes and memes aside, Chuck and Nancy could actually solve a serious American crisis that's been looming for weeks with no end in sight:

Guys. I think we found our Oscars co-hosts.


Schumer and Pelosi look like they are introducing the nominees for excellence in the art of sound editing.