Robert De Niro Said "Fuck Trump" During The Tony Awards

He did not elaborate.

Robert De Niro stirred things up at the Tony Awards Sunday night when he suddenly, repeatedly, and gleefully declared, "Fuck Trump," eliciting a shrieking standing ovation from a very flabbergasted Broadway audience.

Here's video of DeNiro swearing at Trump on #TonyAwards Australian feed didnt censor it.

“I'm going to say one thing: Fuck Trump," the actor said from the stage at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. "It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘Fuck Trump.'"

He then pumped both fists as the floored audience laughed, then clapped, and then rose to their feet, cheering.

Robert De Niro Says 'F–k Trump' at #TonyAwards, Receives Standing Ovation

Once they realized what was happening, they were definitely here for the moment.

Standing O for Robert De Niro saying “fuck Trump” #TonyAwards

Especially this guy.

De Niro did not elaborate, or offer any kind of explanation for the invective. Instead, once the audience had calmed themselves down, he segued right into his prepared — and expletive-free — introduction of Bruce Springsteen, which was still tinted with a political message.

“In these perilous times, you rock the vote, always fighting for truth, transparency, and integrity in government," he remarked. "Boy, do we need that now!”

CBS, which was airing the awards show live, bleeped out the moment.

Robert De Niro went full on bleep twice!!!!!! #TonyAwards

At first, people watching at home were trying to figure out what the f*** had just happened.


What the fuck did Robert DeNiro just say and why did they bleeped it and now they're giving him a standing O. COME ON NOW. #TonyAwards

Who has the uncensored version of what Robert De Niro just said!? #TonyAwards

People were, obviously, a ~little~ stunned that this was happening during a LIVE awards show 😬

De Niro: “FUCK TRUMP!” Standing O. Repeats it! TV production people wearing headsets are staring at each other with mouths agape. Amazing live TV moment.

This isn't the first time De Niro has lashed out at the president. Last week, the actor criticized Trump's leadership while addressing high schoolers at a writing awards ceremony. And during another awards show in January, the actor called Trump a “fucking idiot” and a “fucking fool.” He's also dubbed him the “jerkoff in chief.”

People on social media pointed out that it was truly a Tonys moment.

Oh my God what, Robert De niro just displayed in the Tony awards was simply #TonyAwards

They called it "a big mood."

Robert De Niro walking onto the Tonys like a boss and saying fuck Trump not once, but TWICE and getting a standing ovation is a big mood

And said the program was, once again, "the voice of progressive reason."

Robert De Niro said “Fuck Trump.” The world smiled, the gays cheered... and the Tonys once again became the voice of progressive reason. #Tonys2018 #RobertDeNiro #fucktrump

"Well if Robert DeNiro says it, it must be truth."

Well if Robert DeNiro says it, it must be truth. “It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s f*ck Trump!”

Others noted that the live broadcast burn was basically capping off a weekend of attacks against the president.

People who have slammed Donald Trump in the past 24 hours: - Robert de Niro - Justin Trudeau - Emmanuel Macron - John McCain - Robert de Niro again* * He did say "fuck Trump" twice

Conservatives, obviously, were not pleased.

Can you just imagine what would’ve happened if an actor had said “F.... Obama” on the Tony Awards? Of course all the libs stood up & clapped. So disrespectful to say about any sitting president. I say F... DeNiro! Obnoxious buffoon! #RobertDeNiro #Tonys2018

Some compared his F-bomb-laced remarks to Samantha Bee recently calling Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt" during her show, sparking an intense backlash, and wondered if the actor, like Bee, would be forced to apologize.

@KaivanShroff Here's something else I'm going to keep my eyes on: how the mainstream media responds to this. Will De Niro be held to the same high standard that Samantha Bee was held to after her comments? That will be the million dollar question. #TonyAwards

While others waited for the president's inevitable Twitter clapback.

Waiting on Trump to tweet something passive-aggressive about how Robert De Niro is a terrible actor.

If nothing else, De Niro probably has some new Canadian fans tonight...

Robert De Niro's popularity is suddenly rising in Canada. #TonyAwards

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the White House and CBS for comment.

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