People Are Freaking Out Because The New York Times Said To Put American Cheese On Ramen

Yes, we know, but there's a plot twist.

Hello, it's me, your "this is the latest thing people are freaking out over" guide. Glad to be he here.

Today we have: ramen and the good ol' New York Times. Before we proceed, two facts: 1) Ramen is one of the greatest things to ever grace this Earth, and 2) American cheese is terrifying and do not even get me started on the texture.

Ok so here we go. On Sunday, the NYT tweeted this instant ramen recipe: "Slide an egg into the hot broth, then some butter [so far, down with this]. Crown the steaming noodles with slices of American cheese."

Make some instant ramen. Slide an egg into the hot broth, then some butter. Crown the steaming noodles with slices of American cheese.


I'm sorry, but have you looked at these? Like, up close? Just wondering. Anyway, people on the internet had ~opinions~ about this recipe suggestion. Shocking, I know.

"NO," they tweeted in abundance.

"WHY??" they cried.

@nytimes Handover the password you can’t be trusted to not tweet horrible things

"How can I delete this article from the internet?" this person pondered.

@nytimes How can I delete this article from the internet?

Others took a more forward approach:

@nytimes An egg in ramen is not unusual, common even. Butter, shut up, no. American cheese, just never suggest anything ever again and fuck off

People mainly took issue with the idea of peeling slices of American cheese from their plastic wrappers and then, like on purpose, putting them in ramen.

@nytimes did u say American cheese in ramen?!

They accused the Gray Lady of "Americanizing" ramen and trying to make something like peas in guacamole happen (click here if you are like, wtf are you talking about).

HOWEVER. Guess. What. Plot twist: This bizarre-sounding recipe is actually a real thing created by Roy Choi, a renowned Korean-American chef from Los Angeles who is famous for his bold, offbeat fusion food.

He basically spearheaded the food truck movement with his UNREAL Korean Kogi tacos and has been dropping food bombs and blowing up the restaurant scene ever since. He also tweets many deep things like so:

The recipe is from a 2014 New York Times interview, in which Choi explains that homemade instant ramen qualifies as a Korean-American kid's after-school snack.

"It’s our peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s our bowl of cereal,” Choi said. “It’s something that has been a part of my life forever.”

Some users, like this guy, backed Choi's recipe methodology, tweeting that "Cheese Ramen is a thing. A Korean thing."

@nytimes I don’t know why this is the hill I want to die on tonight but all the people trashing this because they assume it’s some messed up American take on ramen are frustrating the hell out of me. Cheese Ramen is a thing. A Korean thing. Google 치즈라면.

Then, others started sharing their favorite ramen recipes.

@nytimes Add soy sauce, Tabasco, and green onions.

Although I have questions for and I am seriously concerned about this guy.

@nytimes Dude I eat so much instant ramen. In college you learn how to dress it up and make it taste good. some of it can surprise you. Try it raw with ketchup. No joke. just learn from my mistakes and dont put jerky in it

“When you make instant ramen, it’s your own personal journey,” Choi told the Times. “It’s kind of like religion. We’re all finding ourselves through that same energy source.”

View this video on YouTube

(You can watch him make the ramen here and it actually looks pretty damn good.)

And this concludes today's edition of "what people are freaking about." Thanks for so much for joining and thanks to this deep thinker for asking the eternal, evergreen question about the internet:

@nytimes Why are people mad about this?

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