This TV Station Accidentally Said The Olympics Were At P.F. Chang's And Now Everyone Wants Lettuce Wraps

"If the Olympics were held at P.F Chang’s I’d be a gold medalist."

As you're probably aware, the Winter Olympic Games are currently taking place in South Korea and it is very exciting because of unity and competition and sports and all that.

For 17 days, athletes from across the world are competing in Pyeongchang county, a cold, rugged, mountainous region about 100 miles outside of Seoul and rather close to the border with North Korea.

Pyeongchang is also a rather long word that starts with a "P" and contains "chang," which, to many Americans, immediately brings to mind...

On Saturday, Chicago's ABC affiliate accidentally flashed the graphic while discussing the politics behind the Olympic Games, the Chicago Tribune reported.

And the special on the delicious Asian chain restaurant's "show of unity" got some 🤦‍♀️.

People said it was the ultimate example of "you had one job."

Hey, this mistake could happen to... PRACTICALLY NO ONE.

And lol'd that this even happened in the first place. As the Tribune so helpfully noted, "PyeongChang and P.F. Chang’s are not the same thing."

"PyeongChang and P.F. Chang’s are not the same thing," @kimjnews writes about ABC-7 Sports screwup, "and beyond the…

Others, however, were very here for the idea of P.F. Chang's unifying us all.

P.F. Chang’s.. Bringing the world together in 2018

A competition for the average human, if you will.

I may not be an athlete competing in Pyongyang, but I definitely compete in P.F. Chang's


the kind of olympics that p.f. chang's would host is the only kind of olympics i'd ever qualify for

Would actually own a chicken lettuce-wrapping event.

If the Olympics were held at P.F Chang’s I’d be a gold medalist.

Sadly, though, P.F. Chang's had to let us down easy and inform us that, contrary to some reports, they were not the ones hosting the 2018 global sporting event.

Contrary to this broadcast, we’re not hosting the games. 🙂

A spokesperson for the station told the Tribune that the mistake was actually the result of a graphics mix-up. The P.F. Chang 2018 image (with four Olympic rings instead of five) was created for a "satirical piece" in which viewers invented their own Olympic activities. Instead, it ended up on the news.

P.F. Chang's, along with a slew of others, didn't really buy that explanation. "Seems like someone was hungry," the restaurant chain said.

@darrenrovell @thekapman Seems like someone was hungry. 🙂

And the whole thing just made people really just want P.F. Chang's. Especially those lettuce wraps.

‘P.F. Chang’ 😂 P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef & Hunan-style Hot Fish so good so so good 😊👌


@PatMcAfeeShow Lettuce wraps can bring us all together in harmony

In the end, there is always a silver lining.

Thankfully the Olympics aren’t being held in Olive Garden, Italy

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