Trump Had The Most Awkward Handshake Ever (Believe Me) And The Photos Are Amazing

The epitome of "shook."

*record scratch* *freeze frame*

You're probably wondering how President Donald Trump ended up in this situation.

And, well, what the hell is going on in these photos.

Let's backtrack. President Trump, aka handshaker in chief, was in the Philippines Monday for the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference, capping off his 13-day tour of Asia. After a group photo, the announcer said it was time for the group of international leaders to take part in the “traditional” ASEAN handshake, where you cross your arms in front of you and then shake the hands of the people standing next to you.

Like so. Totally not awkward or anything.

Well, Trump was a bit confused and befuddled at first and apparently had a “false start," according to the pool report. But he then he figured it out and put on a big smile.

Facebook: video.php

Basically, it looked like all these leaders were playing a game of Red Rover and failing.

And Trump's facial expressions...

...make it look like he ate something that really didn't agree with him.

Or like he is rocking out to some hardcore music.

Or just schooled Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in an epic game of thumb war.

People obviously had questions.

And thought it was truly a work of theatrical genius.

This is what peak performance looks like

Or could be.

good luck to whoever has three weeks to get this regional production of Mamma Mia! into shape

Pool reporters later clarified that his “facial expression during the handshake was more of an exaggerated grimace than a smile.”

Truly a masterpiece. Stay classy, guys.

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