A Bus Blocked The Weather Channel's Shot And We Are Crying

The audio is bleeping priceless.

On Monday, the Weather Channel made sure it was perfectly positioned to capture the controlled implosion of the Georgia Dome. The cameraman had been live-streaming for about 40 minutes, waiting for the building to fall.

And juuust as the 25-year-old structure started to smoke and collapse, this happened:

The most Atlanta thing to ever happen? MARTA bus parks right in front of The Weather Channel's Dome implosion shot… https://t.co/WrAB4stCYO

"Go bus, get out of the way!" the exasperated cameraman shouts.

"Bus! Get out of the way! F---" he continues, cursing and literally sounding like he is pulling his hair out over the sounds of the falling building. "Are you!?!?...ughhhh. What the f---. F---!"

I am CRYING. The Weather Channel set up for a live shot of the Georgia Dome being imploded, and at the perfectly wr… https://t.co/b9wj8rHiYs

The poor guy misses all the action. "Damn, lady," he exclaims, followed by more bleeped out words as the bus driver slowly pulls away, leaving a line of spectators photographing a massive cloud of smoke circling the spot where the dome used to stand.

People thought it was hysterical.

@DawnAtFOX9 @weatherchannel Omg I am crying with laughter

Especially the audio.

@Brett_A_Taylor Can confirm it’s even more hilarious with sound on. This incident is officially on the very very… https://t.co/tKW1aKB12q

That's a lot of bleeping for the Weather Channel https://t.co/QNPPSOIrPO

And said they could really relate to how much of a Monday the cameraman was having.

I feel your pain, Weather Channel. My day is going much like this. https://t.co/hAdI5kGs6B

They called it a "metaphor for life."

A better metaphor for life I’ve never seen https://t.co/X7kpXYUKtT

Others thought it was a "goddamn work of art."

This is a goddamn work of art. Put this shit in MoMA https://t.co/brfMcoSMKk

Hollywood comedies should take note, tbh.

There are big budget Hollywood comedies without even a quarter of the hilarity and comic timing of this Weather Cha… https://t.co/aCqRGRUfoQ

You'll get 'em next time, weather guy.

Producer: Let's set it up here, perfect shot. PA: What if a bus comes? That's a bus stop. Producer: What are the ch… https://t.co/FjvPJlDeJi

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