People Are Losing Their Shit Over How Hot It Is In California

I would make the "milk was a bad choice" joke but I have no energy because it's so hot.

For the past few days, people across Southern California have been slowly melting into the blazing hot hell that is everything outside and inside wrought by a record-setting, dangerous heat wave that has all of us looking up into the sun screaming: "WHO HURT YOU?!"

Goes outside for one minute... #LAheatwave

A "monster heat dome" and triple-digit temperatures have left tens of thousands without power for days. On Friday, many parts of California broke their daily highest temperature records, like at the University of California Los Angeles, which hit 111 degrees and surpassed its previous godforsaken temperature record of 109 degrees from 1939. Riverside hit 118 degrees.

Lol what a funny coincidence, I love when this happens!

When you look and think “OMG! I thought that was the temperature” and then this happens 🌞 #LAHeatWave

Needless to say, it's been a tad warm and Los Angeles is now so nicely decorated with all these little red entrances to hell.

Map of all the stations around LA currently reporting a temp of 115° or higher There's, um, quite a few of them #LAHeatwave

Many of us Angelenos have been spoiled by 75-degree-ish weather year-round, so we've been slightly dramatic about now living inside a dragon's mouth after it ate a jalapeño pepper.

Just a bit.

It’s so hot in LA, dreams are melting all over the sidewalk.

everybody in LA at this moment #LAHeatwave

This is accurate though.

Me goin to 7-11 for a slurpee #LAHeatwave

As is this, because #science.

We are now faced with serious health risks.

I’m not saying it’s hot, but I’m afraid to fart in case I spontaneously combust. #Heatwave

And cannot use our liquid holders as they have given up because there is no more liquid to hold because it has evaporated.

Even the animals have forsaken life.

Power outage from this #LAHeatwave finally got us. Here are some pictures of my cat straddling an ice block.

We feel you, little guy. We are with you.

The LA heat even got the squirrel dead 💀 #HeatWave2018

And you, ladies.

The chickens are not happy with this LA heatwave...

However, this heat has sparked (pardon the pun) some exemplary moments of human resilience and ingenuity. Like this:

Have to get creative #LAHeatwave

(If you don't have a fan though, sucks for you because they are all gone.)

I have bad news if you live in Los Angeles and you need to buy a fan.

I mean look at this life hack. Inspirational.

After a few margaritas on the rocks you can DIY a pool out of almost anything!! #heatwavela #ghettopool

Or this new weight-loss hack. Because why pay for a sauna or a fancy sweat lodge when you don't even have to leave your home?

Meanwhile, people from other parts of the US, like Arizona and Texas, have just been sitting back LOLing and watching us try not to murder our neighbors for their AC units.

Me being from Phoenix and seeing all these Cali people who can’t handle the heat #HeatWave2018 #HeatWaveLA

HOWEVER, we are dealing with some serious heat here, OK. Like, BDE heat.

To end on a positive note — because glass half-full! (assuming its contents haven't evaporated or it hasn't melted in your hand):

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