John McCain Lost Everyone While Questioning Comey And He Blamed It On Baseball

“Just tuning in but I thought John McCain made a really important point about eggplant octopus football cheeseburger television pancake.”

Arizona Sen. John McCain was the last member of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday to question former FBI director James Comey and it was...something.

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No one understood what he was trying to say during his seven minutes of questions in which he repeatedly called Trump "Comey." He even said "President Comey" at one point. Of course, everyone was completely bewildered.

Americans watching John McCain during #ComeyDay be like:

Senators at the hearing kept looking over, perplexed.

Let's zoom in here, shall we? Complete and utter "WTF."

McCain kept going back to Hillary Clinton's emails and seemed to confuse that closed investigation with the ongoing Russia probe.

I don't know what was up with John McCain but I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton didn't collude with the Russians to hack herself & elect Trump

McCain: You claim those cows are far away, yet all I see are tiny cows. Comey: I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand the que- McCain: Hillary

Looking baffled, Comey told McCain that “the Clinton email investigation was complete,” but McCain did not let it go.

People on Twitter were...concerned.

And wondered if he knew where he was, what was happening, or was maybe just playing Bingo.

Senator McCain it's your turn for questioning. John McCain:

The World: "It is officially impossible for any of this to make less sense than it does now." McCain: "Hold my alligator."

Aware that he confused the entire planet, McCain tried to play off his babbling by saying his questions "went over people's heads" and "maybe going forward I shouldn’t stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games."

Getting sense my q's today went over ppls heads - maybe going fwd I shouldn’t stay up late watching @Dbacks games...

Sorry, what?

Even the Diamondbacks were like :thinking face emoji:

Some wondered if he was on something.

I, for one, really enjoyed John McCain's Benadryl commercial

senators: its your turn to speak john senator john mccain: bitch im on 12 xanax what the fuck

And wanted some of whatever it was.

Maybe one person understood the whole thing, though: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trump watching McCain: "Finally someone's making some sense!"