A Home Intruder Was Arrested For Eating Cheetos Naked In A Woman's Bathtub


Fact: Cheetos are addictive, powerful snacks. We eat them until our fingers turn orange and before we know it the whole Costco-size bag is gone and it was all a blur.

And, apparently, there is nothing more satisfying than eating these crunchy, orange gifts from God while taking a bath, as evidenced by a woman in Louisiana, who is currently in jail for allegedly breaking into a stranger's home, taking her Cheetos, and posting up in her bathtub.

Evelyn Washington was arrested after a woman came home from work around 5 p.m. Tuesday and found the 29-year-old munching on the Cheetos with a FULL plate of food resting on the toilet near the tub as she bathed, according to the Monroe Police Department.

When the homeowner confronted Washington, she allegedly said an unknown man told her to break into the house, the police affidavit states. Whether she planned to raid the kitchen and have some "me time" or just got distracted was not disclosed.

People on the internet were kinda horrified but mostly impressed by Washington's "zero fucks given" attitude.

In "this bish got nerves" files... Homeowner Finds Intruder Taking A Bath, Eating Cheetos https://t.co/JiUDIzORjm

The ultimate "I'm not mad, I'm impressed" situation.

Wow. I have nothing left to say. Woman eats Cheetos naked in bath after breaking into home: cops https://t.co/1wNa4nqGak


Mostly, people wanted to know if she was eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos, which are apparently even more revered than regular Cheetos.

If they weren't hot cheetos, there should be additional charges. https://t.co/NF64bdzgq6

"I would have let her stay if she was eating hot Cheetos," someone said.

I would have let her stay if she was eating hot Cheetos https://t.co/xCuGMe2xjJ

Other people were more incensed over the fact that she stole someone else's Cheetos. Blasphemy.

@fox28columbus That's crossing the line. Take a bath in my tub but don't EVER eat my Cheetos.

AND that she left them on the toilet.

@fairlyliterary Breaking and entering is bad but let’s focus on the real crime here: SHE LEFT THE CHEETOS ON THE TOILET??! Is nothing sacred anymore?

Wow. Feelings.

@DRUDGE_REPORT Look if you just need a damn bath, fine, just use a new bar of soap and a fresh towel. You touch my Cheetos, I will beat the dirt off your body!

Mostly, though, people were just flat-out inspired.

I apparently need a new day job. A bath and Cheetos? Sound like an afternoon day at the spa for me! https://t.co/GBkaQPkR8n

@kadield What better place to eat Cheetos than the bath?! Genius!

And pointed out that eating Cheetos is an intensive, messy affair that requires an extensive cleanup operation.

Police in Louisiana say a woman came home to discover a naked stranger in her tub, eating her Cheetos while taking a bath. Well OBVIOUSLY she had to wash the orange Cheetos dust off her body! https://t.co/JvCBdQxvFa

In her defense.

Well, officer, they will mess up your clothes https://t.co/n13vHvfV2n

As of Thursday, Washington was still being held at the Ouachita Correctional Center in lieu of an $8,000 bond and faces charges of burglary and damage to property.

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