The New Giant Robots From Boston Dynamics Are Kind Of Terrifying

How long will YOU last in the inevitable robot uprising?

Tuesday afternoon, Boston Dynamics — a robotics company purchased by Google (now Alphabet) two years ago — released a new video of Atlas, its latest robot.

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Atlas, a very human-looking robot, is 5'9", weighs 180 lbs. and can do a lot of human-like things, like walk upright.

It can go for a nice afternoon stroll to get a Starbucks.

It can squat, no doubt making gainz on its robot glutes and quads.

But don't freak out just yet! There are still PLENTY of human being things the robot can't do.

Like walk in the snow.

Or pick up boxes that are about, I don't know, the size and weight of a detached human head.

It ~definitely~ wouldn't be able to survive a blow like this!

... And then get right back up.

And it DEFINITELY would never be able to escape its robot pen and go outside, summoning its league of fellow robots to destroy humanity as we know it.

Good luck with the future, everyone.

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