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These Were The Biggest Videos And Trends Of Vine's Past Year

As the six-second social video platform approaches its third anniversary, it released the most-looped Vines and biggest trends from its past year.

Posted on January 22, 2016, at 10:31 a.m. ET

Vine turns three years old on January 24. As a part of its third anniversary, it released a list of the most-looped videos on its network as well as the biggest trends it saw over its past 12 months. While other platforms use the number of views (Facebook) or watch time (YouTube) as metrics, Vine essentially scores videos based on the number of times they are looped. These were the ones that people watched over and over.

1. The Paris bombing Vine was, by far, the most-looped Vine of last year.

The most-looped Vine not just of the past year, but of all time, is also among the most emotionally devastating. It surfaced as the horrifying terrorist attacks in Paris last year were just getting underway, capturing the moment a bomb went off outside Stade de France. It was subsequently looped more than 328 million times.

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2. Duck Army

Obviously. Obviously.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio & Lady Gaga

Amazingly, the third most-looped Vine of the year is less than two weeks old. (And the clip was captured by BuzzFeed's own Kate Aurthur.)

4. The kid that doesn't miss his mom.

Yes, a reporter made this cute kid cry. And, it was also captured by a BuzzFeed staffer, Ahmed Akbar.

5. When you don't know the answers to a test.



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Not slick. After making this list, this Vine was removed at the request of the copyright holder.

7. When you are really good at pretending to like your birthday gifts...

Seriously, everyone loves avocado.

8. Poor Jay

Boys are cruel.


Apparently kids being hurt and/or terrified was a thing on Vine this year.

10. who is she

Aaaand... scene.

Vine also compiled the biggest trends from its last year.

Vine added remixing tools this year to try to further encourage what people are already doing. While these weren't the most-looped Vines, they were the ones that sparked entire memes and movements;. These were the Vines that were imitated until they became genres unto themselves.

What are those?


Why you always lying?

Duck army (again)

John Cena

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