Snapchat Just Made Face-Swap Even Better

Now you can face-swap with pictures that are already on your phone.

By now, you've heard of face-swap.


The Snapchat filter that switches your face with someone else's face.

Or, if you're lucky, an inanimate object.


The best genre of face-swaps is horrifying face swaps.

Or, if you're even luckier, a cloud of vape smoke.

Beginning on Thursday, though, Snapchat stepped up its game.

🚨 You can now face-swap completely alone 🚨

After updating the app, when you open up the face-swap filter, there's an option to swap faces with pictures in your camera roll.

Jessica Misener

Here's how it works:

Ellen Cushing

Just open the face-swap filter and wait for the app to select pictures it can tell have a face in them. Select one, and get swapping.

Which means you can now, finally, face-swap with yourself.

Will Alden

Welcome to the future!