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Samsung’s Galaxy 6S Edge Bends Just As Quickly As The iPhone 6 Plus

Remember "Bendgate," Samsung? Good times...

Posted on April 3, 2015, at 2:08 p.m. ET

Samsung got a lot of mileage out of Apple's "Bendgate" woes last year, poking fun at its Cupertino rival for reports that the iPhone 6 Plus was susceptible to bending. There were mocking corporate tweets. And videos. And snide "this stuff won't bend" remarks from Samsung executives.

Well, turns out "this stuff" will bend, as a new video from SquareTrade shows. Put to the test by SquareTrade's new BendBot, a robot designed to assess smartphone bendability, Samsung's Galaxy 6S edge proved to be just as bendable as Apple's iPhone 6 Plus — and quicker to suffer a catastrophic bending failure. Like the iPhone 6 Plus, the Galaxy 6S edge began bending at 110 pounds of pressure. But it ceased functioning at 149 pounds. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus continued to function normally until 179 pounds of pressure.

Now, it's unlikely that your phone will ever be subjected to 110 pounds of direct pressure — let alone 149 pounds or 179 pounds. That said, as smartphones get bigger and thinner, their bendability could become a real-world concern for consumers. Last year, in mid-Bendgate, Apple claimed just nine people complained about the 6 Plus bending, and most reviewers said it was a negligible issue.

Here's a video of SquareTrade's BendBot in action.

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Samsung is not pleased with these findings, and released an official response countering SquareTrade's research. The smartphone maker specifically takes umbrage at the idea that 110 pounds of pressure is a normal amount for a phone to withstand—it places the average amount of force on a phone at 66 pounds. Which, sure: 110 pounds is a ridiculous amount of pressure, and it's fairly reasonable that a phone would break under that much weight. But Samsung did specifically advertise its phones as the non-bendable alternative to the iPhone 6 Plus — and that still claim seems to be unfounded.