Never Leave The Messages App With Google's New iPhone Keyboard

Search for addresses, extra information, and GIFs, without ever leaving a conversation.

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On Thursday, Google launched Gboard, a keyboard that integrates search into any iOS app that uses a keyboard. It works pretty simply: Instead of closing the Messages app and opening Safari (or Chrome) to find out, say, who's that actor who plays Spider-Man in the new Marvel movie, you can now do it without ever closing the app.

The search function works for normal Google searches, as well as emoji (type "whale" to get ) and GIFs. Additionally, Gboard integrates glide typing, which allows users to fluidly drag their fingers around the keyboard to type, rather than hunting and pecking.

Of course, Gboard comes with the same caveat that all Google products do: It's giving the company access to more of your data. Google wants to be everywhere its users are, and by keeping them from leaving an app like Messages it ensures that only Google's results are used, not a competitor's.

Gboard is currently available in the App Store.

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