Netflix Streamed 10 Billion Hours Of Video In The Last Three Months

That's almost two hours per day per subscriber.

Netflix members watched 10 billion hours last quarter. That's about 905,892,833 seasons of @HouseofCards. Get writing, @BeauWillimon!

People love Netflix. Here's the data to prove it.

Subscribers to the streaming site watched an unbelievable 10 billion hours of content over the past three months. At last count, the company had just over 57 million subscribers — which means, even when adjusting for an expected subscriber increase over the last quarter to about 60 million, the average subscriber is streaming just under two hours every single night.

Of course, that's per subscription, and we are not naive enough to assume that every subscription counts for just one person.

This is a huge increase of streams in the past year, up from 6.5 billion hours in the first quarter of 2014, and 4 billion hours in the first quarter of 2013. While its subscriber base has grown at a fairly steady clip, doubling since 2013, those subscribers are streaming more every year.

The two hours a night number is key. A number that high suggests what most already assume — Netflix can replace, not just augment, television viewer habits. Netflix works extraordinarily well as an avatar for the internet's increasing impact on television, and as companies like Viacom announce deep cuts to their business, it's clear that the streaming revolution is well underway.

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