"MTV Cribs" Is Coming Back — On Snapchat

The iconic series is coming to your phone in June.

Remember MTV Cribs?

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The show premiered in 2000 and did exactly what it said it would: showed you the inside of celebrities' cribs. It gave us many great moments.

Like when Mariah Carey took a bath in a towel.


Or when Redman showed that his bank account was...a shoebox.


Or when a young singer named Beyoncé revealed that her dresser was styled after a furnace.


MTV ended the show in 2011.

After over a decade on the air, 106 episodes, and two spin-offs (CMT Cribs and Teen Cribs), it was all over.

Until now!

On Thursday, MTV announced that it is reviving Cribs — for Snapchat. The new series will air weekly starting in June, when it debuts with a look at Mac Miller's and Austin Mahone's (presumably palatial) homes.

The catch — apart from the "show" airing on social media rather than, you know, MTV — is that Cribs is doing away with camera crews and producers. Instead, the footage will be shot by the subjects themselves, like any other Snapchat, for a vibe that an MTV press release describes as "intimate."