Mike Judge Helps Us Find The Easter Eggs In "Silicon Valley's" Opening Credits

A quick rundown of the blink-and-you-miss-them jokes in the opening credits of the HBO series.

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On Silicon Valley, HBO's send-up of the tech industry, the jokes begin long before any actors appear on screen. The show's opening sequence — a computer animated, flyover of an imagined Silicon Valley — features a bevy of snarky references to the real world companies that help inform so many of the show's jokes and storylines.

Now in its third season, Silicon Valley's opening credits are more jam packed than ever. "I like putting more and more eye candy," show creator Mike Judge told BuzzFeed News.

We slowed down the @SiliconHBO intro so you can catch everything. Tag companies you missed the first time 🕵 https://t.co/plyfL9q2gx

And in Silicon Valley itself, a mention in the HBO series' opening credits is considered something of an achievement. "I think it's becoming a point of pride," said Judge. "A couple times people have said, 'Hey, put us in the credits' and I forget to write down the names of the companies."

We asked Judge to talk a bit about some of the sequence's best Easter eggs.

Golden parachutes at Twitter headquarters

Obligatory Yahoo joke

So many Soylent trucks

Oracle employees on ... unicycles?

Amazon drones everywhere

Recode gets a shoutout

Wait. Is that a Clinkle billboard?

Facebook engulfs Oculus and WhatsApp

The Yahoo barf bus

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