See If You Can Spot The Differences Between These Tweets

Compare and contrast.

Over the weekend, news emerged that Twitter will delete joke-stealing tweets based on copyright infringement complaints.

We just have one question: How will this affect brands?

See, for example, this April Fool's Day tweet from Google last year.

Now, when you #BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) to work, they'll furr-vently keep up using #GoogleApps for Business Dogs:

And here's a Microsoft April Fool's Day tweet from this year.

Download #OfficeforCats today! 3 brand-new products for your furry friends: PowerPounce, OneNap and Meow.

This is Google in March.

What's the first thing you created with code? Share your thoughts to inspire girls to be #FutureCoders @khanacademy

Oh, look, it's Microsoft in May!

Applauding #womenintech: @heddanewman, we’re your number one fan!

Notice a trend?

#BigData meets fast data with Google Cloud Bigtable – our fully managed, NoSQL DB Service.

How about now?

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We're sure it's all just a coincidence.