Here's How To Find Out How Many Tinder Matches You've Ever Had

Tinder's share button gives you a quick way to tell your friends how desirable (and/or thirsty!) you are.

On Friday, Tinder announced it's testing a "share" button.

But Tinder already has a share button!

With the existing share button, when you make a match, an option comes up to "Tell your friends."

Of course, not a lot of friends need to be updated that you just matched with someone on Tinder. But why the hell not.

When you do it, it lets the other person know exactly how many matches you've ever had.

It's a little weird, but think of the use cases.

Send it to your mom to prove that you're really, genuinely trying to settle down. Or to an ex to show just how in-demand you are. Or, hey, to a boss as a means of explaining your recent drop-off in productivity.

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