Google Just Announced A New Announcement

The company will likely announce new Nexus handsets and release the next version of Android on Sept. 29.

Google just set a date for some sort of announcement: Sept. 29. But it's not saying what it's for. (Hint: It's Android and Nexus.)

You will almost certainly be able to say "hey, what's up, hello" to a new Nexus device (or two). There may be a new Chromecast as well.

Judging from the "s'mores" reference, it's also going to include the release of the latest version of Android, which Google code-named "Marshmallow." The Android M developer's preview of the operating system debuted at this year's I/O conference back in May.

Now that #AndroidMarshmallow is out of the bag, see how its sculpture was made. #NatandLo

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