If You Signed Up For Apple Music They're About To Charge You For It — Here's How To Cancel It

Time to pay.

Apple Music launched exactly three months ago.

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The much-hyped music streaming platform debuted with a three-month trial period during which Apple waived the $9.99 monthly fee it charges for the service. That offer was Apple's bid to get new users in the door, and pick up some market share from streaming music incumbents like Spotify.

Today, that free trial period ends for anyone who signed up for Apple Music on its first day, June 30. And it's time to decide whether or not it's worth paying for.

Apple is only going to charge you after a full 90 days.

This means if you didn't set up Apple Music on the first day, you've still got some time left.

Here's how to determine when you signed up.

Open the Music app, and hit the account icon in the top left corner.

Then, select "View Apple ID."

After that, "Manage."

That's where you'll find out when the trial ends.

It's also where you can cancel your subscription.

Tomorrow is only decision time for those who signed up on the very first day.

Apple will continue to offer the 90-day free trial to anyone who signs up for Apple Music for the foreseeable future. So anyone who creates an account today or tomorrow or the day will still get three months of free streaming.

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