8 Celebrities Who Are Very Bad At Endorsing Products

And three famous Apple Watch giftees who may not be sending each other their heartbeats.

1. Manny Pacquaio is a Samsung spokesperson, but he tweets from an iPhone often.

2. Jessica Alba was the the face of the Windows Phone, but even that couldn't get her to actually use one.

3. Oprah bought 12 frenemies a tablet she apparently didn't like.

4. Microsoft sponsored election night on CNN and gave all the anchors Surfaces .... which they used as iPad covers.

5. When Ellen Degeneres hosted the Oscars, she took a pretty famous selfie on a Samsung she didn't bring backstage.

Minutes after promoting Samsung on the #Oscars stage, Ellen returns to her iPhone. Incredible.

6. Skrillex designed his own phone case for Google, but does not use it.

7. David Beckham — a Samsung spokesperson — once refused to pick up his ringing phone in front of cameras because "it's not a Samsung."

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8. While Creative Director of Blackberry, Alicia Keys tweeted from an iPhone.

In her defense, she followed up to say she had been hacked.

What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I've been hacked... I like @Drake but that wasn't my tweet :-(

Apple usually avoids these situations by not using celebrity endorsements.

However, the company gave out some of its highly anticipated Apple Watches before they were released to the general public to drum up some excitement and celebrity street cred for the product.

A few months later, here are some famous people who may not be getting an early iPhone 7:

9. Despite all of its fitness tracking capabilities, here's Drake working out without one recently.

10. Katy Perry isn't wearing her gold Apple Watch much either.

11. And here's Beyonce not wearing the watch while being Beyonce.

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