Here Are Six Personal Stories People Say They Shared In The Name Of Empathy

Freeganism, fighting to be heard by doctors, and coffee mixed with oatmeal: These are some of the experiences people shared in the Outside Your Bubble Facebook group.

We started the Outside Your Bubble Facebook group as a place to post stories, videos, or events that you feel may have broadened your perspective. More than 2,000 members later, people are opening up and sharing personal stories that matter. These are some of those stories.

BuzzFeed News reporter Remy Smidt shared her experience covering the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

"I was pretty stunned by how some reporters were approaching both students and their families. At the vigil, there was a moment when a photographer would not stop snapping shots, even after a chorus of students asked him to — I understand that there is a job to do, but the media could have definitely handled these situations with much more sensitivity."

Keléla C. shared her struggle to be heard as a woman in pain and to get a hysterectomy.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

"I had to fight tooth and nail for a hysterectomy...for some reason women aren't allowed to decide what the best options are for themselves when it comes to reproductive organs. Their solution was for me...a single give birth because that 'MIGHT' help. Or just refill a pain narcotic monthly. Both ideas [were] a no for for a year I kept seeing doctors until one FINALLY agreed to help as long as I underwent psychological exams before and after (two sessions each). So finally at 34 I had my surgery and it was the best thing to happen to me."

Trina B. was near a middle school when a false report of gunshots caused parents and police to rush to the scene, leading to an hourlong scare. One man, named Irish, had a daughter at the school.

"We were getting ready to leave when we see Irish collapsed to the ground. His daughter was ok. He could breathe again. But with that breath came a lot of tears. The magnitude of the situation of what could have been hit him and he just lost it. My friend and I ran to him and with consent hugged him. He asked what had become of this world?

"It was emotional to watch. The reality that parents live with the fear of gun violence in schools has shook me to my core. I’ve known this from TV and the internet, but to see the faces of these parents in person, Irish’s face, is something I will never forget."

Metro reporter Eva Kis hung out with freegans and ended up being horrified at the scale of waste she saw (and ate some bread).

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"Freegans have rules among themselves, respecting the businesses whose trash they salvage and the people using the sidewalks where they rummage. They're community-oriented, share everything, and are more aware of social and environmental issues than the average person. We should be outraged about what these businesses throw away instead of donate, compost, or find any use for other than sending to a landfill." (Disclaimer: Eva Kis is married to Brandon Hardin, who oversees the Outside Your Bubble project and compiled this post.)

After seeing this story, Megan Rose Bryant decided to try making oatmeal with coffee and found a new breakfast.

Via Megan Rose Bryant

"Verdict: It's good. Tasted like coffee oatmeal. I might add a little honey next time, but I'm a convert."

Independent journalist Sonia Paul spent time reporting in Mississippi for PRI on immigration walls we don't see.

"The lack of teachers is one of the most urgent problems in our country right now, in my opinion, as it stands to perpetuate systemic issues and contribute to a divided America. I was initially self-conscious at being a wide-eyed Californian reporting in Mississippi, but I'm glad I was — too many people in these areas have become inured to the problem, and it's much more severe than I think most people realize."

Please come join us. We can't wait to see the stories that have changed how you see the world.