People Think This Turkey Sandwich Is Thicc And Honestly It Could Be

Have you ever seen a thicker sandwich?

So this turkey sandwich is going viral. It looks like a pretty standard sandwich with some cheese on there too, but other than that it's pretty much a sandwich and not much else.

This turkey sandwich better chill tf out

@deathcamps / Twitter / Via Twitter: @deathcamps

But what if I showed you this? See how the turkey sandwich actually looks like, well, not a turkey sandwich????

@JustSketching / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JustSketching

Now what do you see when you look at the sandwich??? That's what I thought. It's thicc.

This turkey sandwich better chill tf out

@deathcamps / Twitter / Via Twitter: @deathcamps

The turkey sandwich is, well, arguably, maybe — you could say — quite thicc.

@deathcamps Turkey is usually lean, but this one is T H I C C

@WebbyIsAWabbit / Twitter / Via Twitter: @WebbyIsAWabbit

It first went viral on Reddit, where redditor Rononator uploaded a picture of the incredibly thicc sandwich and also confirmed that the sliced turkey used was Boar's Head peppered turkey.

Rononator told BuzzFeed News they highly recommended the sandwich.

"I used flatbread as the base with a spread of mayo and a sprinkle of seasoning," they said. "Then I layered it with Havarti and Swiss cheeses then topped it with boars head peppered turkey."

And then it was picked up on Twitter and, boy, a lot of people have been talking about the sandwich.

@Jvcksvn / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Jvcksvn

Hell, some are even making comparisons. And they sort of add up.

@PCBearcat / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PCBearcat

That slim thicc sandwich better stop teasing me or it's gonna get an extra meat filling

@Trendeh / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Trendeh


@VIDEOSTARK / Twitter / Via Twitter: @VlDEOSTARK

Once you see it, it's undeniable.

@deathcamps @Riendonut Me at first : Looks like a good turkey sandwich. Me when I seen everyone's tweet below and…

@LoveSickWalrus / Twitter / Via Twitter: @LoveSickWalrus

And people have ~ thoughts ~.

@deathcamps When you order them slices thicc

@BackhandBandit / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BackhandBandit

Damn this turkey sandwich about to get this DICC

@fatandfem / Twitter / Via Twitter: @fatandfem
@_NostalgiaKid_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_NostalgiaKid_

Fellas,, your girl is out of town and this turkey sandwich gives you a look, wyd??

@CaseyBake16 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @CaseyBake16

BuzzFeed News has contacted the guy who posted the thicc sandwich. We will update with more information about the sandwich and its alleged thiccness.

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