People Think This Missile Being Launched Looks Like A Squirrel Ejaculating

(It does.)

MSNBC tweeted on Tuesday linking to an article about the growing number of Americans (76%) who are worried the US will be involved in some sort of major war in the next four years.

The article itself discussed a lot of very real, very serious things: the threat of North Korea, US citizens concerned about ISIS, and Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

However, one guy on Twitter noticed that the photo used by MSNBC to go with the story has an interesting trait: It looks like a squirrel ejaculating.

tell me this doesn't look like a squirrel cumming

It's hard to disagree. Here, I have photoshopped a squirrel over the original picture. Call me Da Vinci, but it looks to be a pretty spot-on assessment.

Twitter user @rmj_equals_hero made the claim, and since then there have been hundreds of people who, once they realize how right he is, can't unsee it.

@rmj_equals_hero Well now that you say that . . .

@rmj_equals_hero I can even see its closed eye 😯

@rmj_equals_hero I absolutely hate making jokes about such serious shit, but goddam that is spot on! #HappySquirrel

There are also a lot of people makin' that "bust a nut" joke you probably thought of in your own head.

@rmj_equals_hero Missed opportunity to deploy the term "bust a nut"

@rmj_equals_hero He's busting a nut @keven_supakhan

@rmj_equals_hero @kalesalad I'm disappointed you didn't say "nutting"

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