Shia LaBeouf's Freestyle Might Have Been Stolen From A Female Rap Group

UPDATE: It has now been suggested LaBeouf copied lyrics from a 1999 song.

This is Corey James, who captured the footage of Shia LaBeouf rapping in a freestyle battle at a local swimming spot in South Dakota.

James managed to capture two videos — both showing LaBeouf's progressive success with his ~lyrics~.

Facebook: video.php

"Still breaking down potatoes like I'm fucking Galileo."

"I'm so underground rap kids call me Tubman."

However, producer and emcee Pri the Honeydark has now spoken out, suggesting that Shia copied lyrics from her group Anomolies.

According to Watch Loud, the borrowed lyrics were taken from the group's 1999 song "Perfectionist."

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The website claims that LaBeouf's line “The rare commodity, the quality is what it’s gotta be, and my philosophy is farther than what your eyes can see” is a rip off of group member Helixx's lyrics “I recon you want more of that rare commodity / the quality is what it’s gotta be / and my philosophy is much farther than what your eyes can see.”

Listen from the 45-second mark to hear the similarity.

The only logical way to solve this would be a sick hot collaboration, right?

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