Kanye West Said He Doesn't Agree With "Half The Shit Trump Does" In A New Video

"I really want to take that hurt off of them and let them understand that I did not wear that hat to hurt them."

Kanye West uploaded footage from the studio sessions that led to his latest track, "Ye vs. the People," on Tuesday. It shows the rapper chilling with a host of people, including the rapper T.I., who also features on the track.

Making of ye vs the people https://t.co/1xvft3175J

"Ye vs. the People" was released on West's site over the weekend and beats around a conversation between Kanye and T.I. where Kanye discusses his tweets, his plans to run for president, and his thoughts on Donald Trump.

The new video is a "making of." In it, Kanye says him putting on a Make America Great Again hat last week "forces an evolution because even for me I know so much more because I'm getting so much energy positive or negative."

"When I wear that hat it's like a fight for equality, like, 'Oh, I can wear this hat too,'" he says.

T.I. tells Kanye that while his intentions may have been pure, the direction he took to get there may be seen by some as "thoughtless," and Kanye replies that "half the shit Trump does" he doesn't agree with.

"I just want you to consider all the people who just might be terribly like just torn apart and hurt," T.I. says.

"I really want to take that hurt off of them and let them understand that I did not wear that hat to hurt them," Kanye replies. "Half the shit Trump does I don't agree with."

That prompted T.I. to ask, "What the hell do you agree with?"

"Just the ability to do what no one said you can do, to do the impossible, is the most inspiring thing to me," he says.

People have many thoughts about the whole thing.

@kanyewest Kanye West is a misunderstood GENIUS people who hate on kanye hate him because he is not afraid to speak his mind and talk about what he believes in which many cannot do now due to the fact that numerous individuals are controlled by their insecurities and low self esteem.

For some, there was simply no living up to "Lift Yourself."

@SchamaNoel @kanyewest I dont see any poops or scoops here. Passs

Others saw it as evidence that Kanye has *not* gone off the rails.

@kanyewest This video is really important to debunking the idea that Kanye has changed or isn't in a good place or doesn't have a purpose with what he's doing. Ye is always a step ahead. In music. In fashion. Idk why now would be any different.

And started delving into what it reveals about his political philosophy.

@kanyewest I hate how the only thing that Kanye says he likes about trump is that he’s not a politician but became president. We need more reasons Ye

@Vooonnnaaa @deaddtrend @kanyewest Well only is a bit far fetched but probably a major one. From tweets and what he says it seems he is economically conservative and socially liberal

While others just wondered WTF was going on with the decor in Kanye's studio.

@kanyewest so many unanswered questions like "hey kanye why are there 120 squares on the wall"

@kanyewest Kanye's recording studio tips: 1. put 120 foam squares up on the wall 2. order office chairs from amazon (the good ones) 3. have a sampler and a microphone 4. Invite like 20 dudes over

Well, there's only one answer to that.


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