Someone Put This Teen's Number On A Craigslist Ad For A Cow And Now His Phone Is Blowing Up

"This has been the worst morning of my life."

This is 19-year-old Shannon Barbour from Charlottesville, Virginia. He's a sophomore at Old Dominion University, but is currently working during summer break to make as much money as he can before heading back to school.

On Thursday night, just before going to bed, Shannon received a text message from someone inquiring about the sale of a cow.

As it turned out, the calls and text messages were coming from a Craigslist ad which had listed Shannon's cell as the contact number.

Now, people were texting Shannon asking about the cow. They wanted it. They wanted to buy it. It was $50 — a good deal for a young cow. It was all so much that Shannon decided to tweet about the whole thing.

Somebody on Craigslist has a cow for sale and accidentally typed my number as the contact number. This has been the…

Sent on Friday morning, Shannon's tweet quickly generated thousands of retweets. People are freaking out over the whole exchange and feeling sorry for poor Shannon. But hell, it is pretty funny.

I rarely laugh out loud from things I see on Twitter. This was an exception

And a lot of people are paying close attention to the text messages in Shannon's screenshots – especially the one from someone who says they have "a black bull who is blind and needs a friend."

"I have a bull who is blind and needs a friend..."


While others just have questions about cows, heifers, and the whole situation in general.

Why they all messaging you in the middle of the night? Dreaming about heifers? Can't sleep need more cows? Farmers…

bro where ever this person lives the Heifer market is STRONG and i think i need to make an investment in this into…

Wait, how do you not know what a heifer is? How common is this? Not making fun. Genuinely curious.

Shannon told BuzzFeed News he thinks the whole thing might be a prank set up by one of his friends or Twitter followers. "Fifty dollars for a whole cow is kind of suspicious," he said.

And now Shannon has just taken to telling any would-be buyers that he just went ahead and ate the cow or, y'know, put it down.

The most chilling thing seems to be that no one seems to care about the cow's death.

Via Twitter: @Itsyaaboysb
Via Twitter: @Itsyaaboysb

"I guess the farmers saw it and just went nuts for it," said Shannon. "That's how it is here."

Shannon also told BuzzFeed News that someone has offered $200 for the cow. It's a shame he doesn't actually own one.

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