People Are Shocked By What Baby Squirrels Look Like

You suuuuuure they ain't rats?

On Monday, 15-year-old Hannah from San Antonio, Texas, was setting up a table in her garden with her boyfriend when a bunch of baby squirrels fell out of an outdoor umbrella they had taken the cover off of.

me and jason were gonna eat on the table we had outside but...these fell out the umbrella and scared tf out of us..…

"It was raining for the past couple weeks and we had folded the umbrella and laid it on the table," Hannah told BuzzFeed News. "They all fell out at once."

At first, people told Hannah they were baby rats.

Like, they were very adamant about the whole thing.

@hvnnvhr Ion think those are squirrels doll. lol they might be master splinter's young buls

"Some people found it gross," said Hannah.

@hvnnvhr @iamMyraMarie At first I thought they where rats but rats heads aren't that big...

"I guess they see them as rodents or like creatures and as people find rats disgusting I'm guessing they feel the same way for baby squirrels."

@hvnnvhr These are squirrels. Wild rats are cool, but they get awful dental issues in captivity.

Hannah's tweet has almost 4,000 retweets and over 17,000 likes, but a lot of the attention has surrounded the fact that this is the first time A LOT of people have ever seen a baby squirrel.

@hvnnvhr Bruh I'm pretty sure this the first time many of us seen baby squirrels

Why is this the first time I have ever seen a baby squirrel???

twitter just taught me what baby squirrels look like

this the first time in my life i've ever seen a baby squirrels dam them mfs cute

@DillanXO Yoooooooo that's wild because I ain't never seen a baby squirrel

Why is this the first time I have ever seen a baby squirrel???

tbh I've always wondered what baby squirrels looked like... thanks to twitter, yet again, now I know.

Like, have you seen shit like this before??

Hannah and her boyfriend left the squirrels in a box where they found them. She said the squirrels' mom came back later and took them away to safety or a tree or some place that hopefully isn't as dodgy as a closed umbrella.

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