Vine Goes Dark Today

Don't update the app yet! Save your videos!

Vine has been replaced by Vine Camera in the App Store. If you have the old version on your phone, you can still save your videos.

If not, you'll have to browse them at For now, you can also download them there too, though a message on the site warns that you should “remember to download your Vines before Jan. 17.”

PS..I forgot to save all my vines. If anyone decides to make an all Amanda Cerny lifetime youtube vine compilation on ill support it ;)

Twitter rolled out the transition from Vine to Vine Camera, a stripped-down version that integrates with Twitter, on Jan. 17. Vine Camera will allow you to save your six-second videos to your camera roll or post them directly to Twitter, where they will still loop.

If you have updated to Vine Camera or have deleted Vine, you will not be able to download old videos from your phone, though your Vines will continue to exist on the company's website for an unspecified amount of time. But if you still have the OG Vine app on your phone, today's the last day you can use it to download your old videos, sources familiar with Twitter's plans tell BuzzFeed News.

Twitter bought Vine in 2012; when Twitter announced Vine's demise, the app's founder seemed to regret his choice.

Don’t sell your company!

Twitter announced Vine's shutdown in October. The short video platform's usage had declined in recent years, and many people at the Twitter subsidiary had left the company. Twitter announced layoffs of 350 people at the same time it disclosed Vine's shuttering.

So what should you do with your old Vines?

Giphy has offered a tool to convert Vines into GIFs, though the tool downloads the video and sound files separately.

To export your Vines on your phone via the original app, go to your profile page in the app and click "Save Vines"; then the app will save the videos to your camera roll. The other option, a download link, will allow you to save the social data — Favorites and Revines — associated with the video. On the website, you can click "Download your Vines" in the top right hand corner of the page; the site will give you the same options as the app.

, Vine

On the day of its demise, popular Vine creators paid tribute to the platform that made them famous:

today is officially @vine last day of existence. better watch this with the volume up three hundred more times

Vine you shall be missed. Instagram and YouTube will raise me now

thank you & goodnight 💚

Viner Cody Johns, who now creates videos for YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, previously wrote to BuzzFeed News, “Vine was a springboard for many careers, and it was similar to being on a hit television show for several years. As an entertainer, you realize the industry moves fast, and you have to move on and secure your next opportunity.”

Twitter did not respond to requests for comment.

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