Trump's Supporters Have Mixed Feelings About His Debate Performance

At Trump's packed rally in Melbourne, Florida, supporters had a range of opinions about how well he did against Clinton.

MELBOURNE, Florida — A day after his contentious first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump held a rally Tuesday evening in a hanger at Melbourne International Airport, filling the venue to capacity with an estimated 15,000 people.

Line for the Trump rally is at least a mile long

Despite the strong attendance, some supporters weren't happy with how Trump had done against Clinton in Monday's debate.

Trump himself said he was "holding back" against his rival during the televised showdown.

"I'm a Trump supporter, but I think Hillary won last night. She had better arguments." --Caime from Melbourne

Caime stands on the far left with her family.

Erika, a Florida vendor: "He did ok last night. I wish he brought up more of her issues." 1/2

"She baited him last night to get a rise out of him, and I think it worked." ~Cori

"Missed opportunities" and "disappointment" were common refrains among supporters.

"He should have jumped on cybersecurity and business tax cuts. He missed opportunities last night." ~Ralph Carpenter

Marleen, head of the local Republican Party: "I was disappointed last night. I wanted him to nail Hillary."

Tom, right: "He did great last night." Ray, left: "He missed some opportunities." Tom: "He's wrong."

Others were displeased with the moderator, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.

That sentiment extended to the general media, which supporters said have portrayed Trump in an unfairly negative light.

"They weren't asked in depth questions last night. I spent the night screaming at the TV." -Glenda and her daughter

Marleen Frye, head of the local Republican Party. "The media wasn't fair. His mic & podium were in the wrong places…

Erika, a vendor: "The moderator seemed more biased than usual, and Donald kept getting interrupted." 2/3

Of all the issues raised in Monday's debate, the use of "stop-and-frisk" in policing provoked the strongest response among the supporters interviewed by BuzzFeed News.

At the debate, Trump came out strongly in support of the controversial policing tactic. Clinton is against its use.

"My brother is a cop. Stop and frisk is simple--obey the law. If a cop tells you to drop the gun, do it 2/2" -Mike

Dennis and Noreen Hires: "We should stand with our police force, regardless of what happens"

Erika, a vendor: "I'm pro stop and frisk. That's how police keep us safe, and that's true before this race war crap…

Uproarious cheer after intro of Bravard county sheriff Wayne Ivy in answer to "Do Blue Lives Matter?"

Not all of Trump's supporters at the rally were disheartened, though.

Many expressed admiration for his first debate. It was, after all, a Trump rally.

Rachel and Melissa: "Donald Trump was savage last night in the debate."

Dennis and Noreen Hires: "Trump definitely won the debate. I won't believe she won."

"He did a fabulous job last night. We're also astounded at the turnout tonight." ~Bonnie and Cheryl

Trump used the campaign stop to reiterate many of the points he made during Monday's debate.

Clinton plans to campaign Friday in Florida.

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